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Fondo PyME


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National Institute of the Entrepreneur

On January 11th, President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a Decree by which creates the National Institute of the Entrepreneur, which emphasizes the importance it represents to the Government of the Republic, the strengthening of enterprises and the creation of new businesses.

The National Institute of the Entrepreneur, chaired by Enrique Jacob Rocha, is a decentralized administrative office of the Secretariat of Economy, which aims to implement, execute and coordinate the national policy of inclusive support to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, promoting innovation, competitiveness and national and international projection in the markets in order to increase their contribution to economic development and social welfare as well as contribute to the development of policies that promote the culture of business productivity.


Enrique Jacob Rocha, President of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur.

Enter the site of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur: inadem.gob.mx

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Supporting the developmentof productive projects contributes to the economic growth of our country, promoting both the creation and consolidation of businesses, as well as strengthening of the internal market and the generation and preservation of employments.

Inthis sense, the Secretariat of Economy offers both entrepreneurs as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, a number of programs, events and tools, such as consulting, training, financing, business incubation and linkage, among others, which are intended to encourage the entrepreneurship of productive sectors in Mexico.






Fondo PyME

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Fondo PyME

The National Development Plan 2007-2012 identifies 5 guiding principles which guide Mexico's transformation on solid, realistic and, above all, responsible bases. One of these is attaining a competitive, employment-generating economy capable of more sustained and accelerated growth which improves the quality of life of all Mexican people.

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (Micro and SMBs) represent more than 95% of total companies and employ approximately 90% of workers. In view of this, the Secretariat of Economy, through the Fondo PyME grants temporary support to programs and projects which encourage the viability of businesses in incubation or those beginning to take off; the sustainable and productive development of active businesses and the consolidation and competitiveness of the sector.

In 2010, support from the SMB Fund helped to generate more than a million jobs benefitting more than 293,000 businesses. These actions are aimed at improving the management, administration and innovation of Micro and SMBs and facilitate access to financing through financial institutions or specialized financial intermediaries.

Consult the web site www.sistemaemprendedor.gob.mx