Electrical Wires and Cables

Código 8544 (Harmonized System 2012 by 4 digits)

 2023: US$24.4B, Total Trade Exchange

2023: US$16.9B, International Sales

  2023: US$7.41B, International Purchases


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Specialization by State

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The RCA-Complexity  diagram compares the Revelead Comparative Advantages of states in Electrical Wires and Cables  and the Economic Complexity Index of each state.

RCA values ​​greater than 1 indicate that the state has comparative advantages in Electrical Wires and Cables. On the other hand, high levels of complexity (ECI) are associated with higher levels of income, potential for economic growth, lower income inequality and lower emissions.

Origins and Trade Destinations

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  • 10.2%, Mexican share in global exports - 2022
  • 5.04%, Mexican share in global imports - 2022

The visualizations show the global market for Electrical Wires and Cables. In both charts, Mexico stands out in order to identify its participation in the export and import market.

In 2022, the main exporting countries of Electrical Wires and Cables were China (US$34.3B), Mexico (US$16.7B), and United States (US$10.5B). In the same year, the main importing countries for Electrical Wires and Cables were United States (US$29.7B), Germany (US$15.2B), and Japan (US$8.38B).